Supercharge Health and Performance with Food Intolerance Testing

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Jaclyn and James Dunne have tested several clients with the food intolerance tests available through Careers in Fitness Global. The lab tests over 25,000 per annum. They firmly believe that this method is the most significant analysis of a food intolerance test with the services are backed up with published clinical trials, testimonials and clinical date. The IgG method has had more papers published about its performance than other food intolerance test on the market.


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So who should have a test?

Those looking for a strategy for a targeted elimination diet to maximise health and well-being. Someone is who about to embark on dietary changes, aiming to optimise performance with an optimal diet by avoiding any foods that they are reacting to, or suffering from food intolerance symptoms. i.e bloating, IBS, headaches, migraines, fatigue, weight gain, low mood, skin problems, and want to feel better.

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Food intolerances are very different from food allergies.

  • Delayed
  • Reactions occur up to 72 hours after eating the offending foods
  • Any organ system can be involved
  • Very common (up to 45% of population)
  • Because multiple foods and delayed onset of symptoms the offending foods are rarely self-diagnosed
  • Symptoms can clear after avoidance of offending food.
  • We have had results back from the laboratory where clients have been intolerant to carrots, kidney beans and many more what would be deemed as obscure and not certainly common. If you were on an elimination diet you could be simply testing for years to eradicate those foods. Instead of masking your symptom with medicine, we simply find the root cause and remove and suggest suitable alternatives. We have had some significant results for the tests, eliminating chronic exzema, chronic fatigue, IBS, weight loss the list goes on.
  • Please contact if you or someone you know could benefit from a food intolerance test.


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  • Food intolerance is more widespread than allergy.
  • Many people prefer dietary change to taking medication
  • Food intolerance is complex, but there are quick wins
  • Fast track to elimination drives greater success in fitness planning
  • Case studies demonstrate success in body composition/weight loss and symptomatic improvement objectives
  • Please contact if you or someone you know could benefit from a food intolerance test.