How much do Personal Trainers Earn?

If you’re like most people, you want to get a Career in Fitness in order to help improve people’s health and fitness, and because fitness is a passion of yours. At the same time, you have to make your way in the world – we all have to get paid.

So it’s a common question: how much do personal trainers earn? The answer depends partly on your experience – in any industry you have to work your way up. It also depends on your business model – whether you start out working in a gym, or have progressed to running your own business, for example.

And it’s not a static target either. Smart PTs continue to invest in education after their initial qualifications, such as the Level 3 Award in Designing Pre & Post-Natal Exercise or the NASM Personal Trainer Bridging Course, both of which provide the trainer with additional knowledge and skills to be able to give people the challenging exercise routines they want, and to increase their earning power.

Many of our clients are based in London, and it’s true that your choice of location does influence how much people are willing and able to pay for your services.

So what are we talking about in terms of numbers? This infographic, reproduced with permission from (Personal Trainers London Ltd is a resource for fitness information) gives the low-down on personal trainer salaries in the UK and in London.