Free Marketing Techniques for new Personal Trainers

Free Marketing Techniques for new Personal Trainers


We all know that marketing is vital when you’re self-employed, as most Personal Trainers are. If you’re fairly new to the industry, it will be difficult for new clients to find you unless you go out of your way to put your name around. You may think that marketing is expensive but there are a few tricks that can get you clients for free or very little money.


As a relatively new PT you will probably be in the position of having not enough clients and therefore not enough money. However what that does give you is free time, which you can put to good use by employing the following tips in order to grow your business. Later on when you’ve a full schedule you can afford to pay for direct advertising, but for now prepare to get down and busy to get noticed.


Online Marketing

Of course these days you need an online presence and that means your own website and profiles on social media. Maybe you think websites are expensive to create and you need a professional to do it. Well the good news is that there are many free website design and build programs out there which are template based and require no prior experience. Here’s a link to six of the best free website builders.

Building the site is only part of the story – you also need it hosting with a domain name and business email addresses. This you can also do for free or almost free. Check out these sites –Best Free Web Hosting Sites.


Whether you’re a Facebook fan or not, there’s no doubt that having a presence on social media is a requirement for business success. In fact in a recent article, said that most consumers expect businesses to be active on social media. There’s no money involved here, just time. It’s advisable to have three social media platforms e.g. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You’ll also find groups on Facebook which should be worth joining for insider info and good contacts. Just search under groups for ‘personal trainers’.


Your profile page should be professional looking with a good quality photo and of course a link to your website. If you want to gain a lot of likes/followers (and you do) it’s a good idea to post interesting material regularly alternating with some self-promotional ideas. You can find relevant material by subscribing to such sources as Huffington Post,  The Independent and The Guardian, which all have fitness sections. Posts which receive the most attention can be re-posted later. Remember that posts with photos get a lot more clicks than those without.


Your personal posts should be upbeat, focussing on success with a client’s progress or offering some time-limited special offer on your workshops. To help with time management you’ll find there are some apps out there which can take care of a lot of your social media chores. Just Google search ‘social media apps’.


Offline Marketing

Your offline marketing is based on networking, which is basically talking to people, and that’s still free. For success in business attitude is very important. You should develop the mindset that every situation has positive business potential. For example, while working with clients at the gym, consider the other trainers as potential allies instead of rivals. If you have a specialism such as working with obesity, find other trainers with different specialities and offer to recommend each other should the occasion arise when talking with general clients. Also there’s the possibility to form a team of PTs and work together in a rented space with a common aim and higher hourly rates of course.


Get out into your local community and identify all the places where people meet and socially interact. Bars and restaurants are not your best target here as people don’t want to be reminded of their state of fitness when they’re out eating and drinking. Instead try cafes, sport shops, clinics, martial arts clubs. Talk to the owners and see what opportunities present themselves for mutual recommendations. It would be more productive if you spent a small amount of cash and could leave old-fashioned business cards and leaflets in each location. With sports or martial arts clubs you can offer a free group session in their meeting place as an enticement. Go to the town hall, or municipal body, and see what events you can participate in to promote your skills. Attend any openings of local venues and trade fairs for the same reason.


Don’t forget your own clients. They’re the best source of new ones. You could offer discounts for partner or family sessions, or offer all your clients a standing reduction in fees for every new client they refer to you who lasts at least one month.


Finally, keep creating special promotions like ‘lose your Xmas beer belly in 10 weeks’ and promote it in the New Year in all the places you’ve established by local networking. Also don’t forget to promote everything you do on your social media channels.


So enjoy the good things in life which are free, and use some of them to get more business and help more people to get fit. Good luck!


Patrick Partington


Personal Trainers London Ltd