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EMS based hybrid training method has arrived in the UK

to maximise clients’ results & with just 20 minutes per week!

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What’s it’s all about;

A well-shaped, healthy and athletic body has long been a symbol of success, but to sustain this, one must consume a vast amount of time and energy. Nevertheless, there is a new and easy solution to the busy lifestyle. Your training goals could be achieved today with a highly effective, time-saving method: that is miha bodytec® whole body training.

The system utilises a new advance in technology called EMS (Electro-Myo-Stimulation) as developed by German engineers. It has since become a widespread phenomenon, not only in professional sports and rehabilitation, but also within the fitness and active leisure industry.


How it works;

The system utilises a recent advance in technology called EMS which stimulates your muscles via small electric impulses to the body. Users are dressed in an exercise vest and belt containing electrodes for all the main muscle groups, from around the back to buttocks and arms to legs. Whilst being guided through a set of static and dynamic exercises, the impulses begin their magic.

Such a method stimulates muscular development beyond that of any tradition al training session, effectively reaching your deepest located muscles (e.g. pelvic floor muscles). This particular form of exercise has also been known to provide additional physiological benefits such as improved circulation, reduced body fat, and increased collagen production.

Intensity levels can be carefuly controlled via the control panel so to adapt to individual requirements, plus the portable nature of the miha bodytec laptop-sized controller means it can be used almost anywhere. This would include training at home, to achieve a whole-body training effect. All that’s necessary however is one 20 minute workout per week – it’s fast results for fast people.


Miha Rooftop


What the experts say;

‘The training method provided by miha bodytec® can be applied on both professional and recreational sports clients. We have been succesful in treating patients with pain in the back and waist area, and in making rehabilitation after injuries quicker and more efficient. EMS training allows stronger and more intensive muscle contractions, this way we can vastly enhance the performance of our top athletes in the areas of speed, endurance, maximum strength and explosive strength. The application of miha bodytec® technology opens up a wide range of opportunities in therapeutic options and performance training, but the advantages of this method can also be recognised as an alternative or complement to gym workout.’– Ben Carraway, MChiro, DC | Chiropractor


Entering the UK market;

The miha bodytec has already experienced overwhelming success in several markets across Europe (between Germany, Austria and Switzerland alone there are approx. 3000 EMS training providers). It has also received seal of approval from Olympic gold medallist sprinter Usain Bolt, tennis hot-shot Rafael Nadal and Premiership football players aplenty. As the fitness industry trends towards more personalised services and the country’s people become increasingly more health-conscious, the great UK potential in the development of miha bodytec® is clear.

It could be a very attractive business opportunity for gyms, personal trainers, physiotherapists or weight-loss consultants, with its low investment but rapid commercial return. As EMS looks to be the future of strength and conditioning training, sports rehabilitation and body shaping, it could be time to join to the fitness revolution. Get involved today.

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