Energy Medicine in Fitness


Careers in Fitness Ltd has established cooperation with the Japanese owned health & Wellness specialist NIKKEN, a 40 year old multinational research and development company specialising in innovative product technologies that combine old Asian wisdom about health alongside modern medical research.


NIKKEN is a well-known household brand in Japan. The company’s first product, which still is their core energy-product, is the magnetic insole.


As you may know, all the nerves in your body are connected to your feet, and these magnetic insoles stimulate your Life Energy “Qi” (Chi) through your meridian channels. The effects of which include quite remarkable enhancements in strength, balance, overall energy and wellbeing.


Please click here and watch a short demonstration of the power of the Nikken magnetic insole.


Look for the insoles named mStrides in the NIKKEN web-shop:




Nikken offers you the option to become a NIKKEN Retailer and utilise the Nikken business concept as part of your fitness business.

To learn more, please contact our business partner directly by email: