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Within such a booming market, now is a great time to fulfil a career as a personal trainer. But once qualified, how do you effectively start to make a living off your business? How do you stand out in such an overcrowded PT climate and maximise scope in clients?

It’s true that almost 80% of people in the UK do not reach recommended exercise targets and one in four fail to achieve as little as 30 minutes of physical activity per week. With this in mind, WHO (World Health Organisation) project that 74% of men and 64% of women in the UK will become overweight by 2030. An extortionate amount by anyone’s standards; the tide of inactivity in our population is becoming a modern age problem.

You think this confines your reach in clients. But what if you could engage those too busy, too old, too lazy to exercise?

James Seilo brings you the Personal Trainer’s Guide to Growing Your Business to show how you can penetrate a broader market with great, untapped potential – reaching clientele you never before thought possible. It will help you reach new clients and make more income, providing you with the ultimate competitive advantage over all your contemporaries.

With his own PT business model, James has been able to penetrate a whole new market and use his time more effectively thus seeing rapid increase in revenue. He now fits twice as many trainings into his day but charges the same price per client, making for greater overall profit. A second PT Mario Kaspers quickly went from earning £40 an hour to £120 when using the same concept – all whilst maximising clients’ results! It began as a solo business but today he employs a group of PT’s to multiply on the company’s successes in the UK.

While the existing model is thriving already across 32 locations in the country, it is also responsible for success stories in several other continents. It has been received particularly well by Germany, as welcomed in 2000+ studios. For example boutique fitness chain Bodystreet has taken the concept to more than 200 locations and carry out 160,000 training sessions per month, asserting their business as a true market leader.

Would you like to discover James’ secret to doubling or even tripling your income? Do you want to be part of a growing fitness trend that will revolutionise the industry forever?

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