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    Where the VIN code is applied in the car

    To verify the authenticity of the code, you need to carefully look at the marking panel. But to do this, you need to know where it is located.

    VIN code on the plate

    For application, use non-removable parts of the body, which are most protected from damage in the event of an accident. In modern models, the front body rack on the left side is chosen as such a place. The code is also present on the upper left side of the front panel of the cab. The VIN code is duplicated on a special plate that is attached to the front of the vehicle.

    You can VIN check for free via VinRush

    Application method

    When specified in documents according to the rules, the WINE code is written in one solid line. Spaces are not allowed in the line between characters.

    VIN code in documents

    When the number is put on the plate at the factory, depending on the manufacturer, the characters are written either in one continuous line or in 2 lines, but also without divisions between the elements.

    The encoding uses all digits from 0 to 9 and Latin letters from A to Z. To avoid confusion, this list does not include the letters O, I, and Q, since they are similar in appearance to the numbers 1 and 0.



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