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    Man am I glad I left the transition, and im happy you stated Runescape isnt only a nostalgia trip, because it isnt. Im living proof of this. OSRS is a match with literally endless amount of content to do to make it feel. There are several things I love about OSRS gold, such as picking my own method to play, having afk abilities to perform while getting through interesting tv shows, completing those 5 hour quests and letting about the biggest sigh of relief, feeling as I did a true quest, not some kill 8 conveys bullshit, im talking going complete assassin’s creed and sneaking through a giant dock where should you get caught you lose 20+ minutes of advancement ( yeah im looking in the fighter madness 2…).

    I can’t recommend Runescape enough for anybody whos looking for a genuinse MMO. There are infinite ways to play with it, as said in the video, all with really very different ways compared to other accounts.Runescape 2 altered my life in middle school. I had played got my skills up a bit and did legends pursuit. I left many friends in college the next year because everybody was playing rs2 in the time and I helped lots of new players at my school. Many of them are still great friends to this day.Runescape has existed forever, and other MMORPG’s still cant take a hint of advice from runescape.

    Almost every single enemy in the game has many dfferent thing available to drop from the game and every one has a certain chance of dropping, for those that like to loot nonstop Runescape is the best at that. In addition to shed tables Runescape definitely gets the best skill sets in gaming, each skill has its own purpose in the sport, folks spend hundreds of hours simply to get that cape that allows everybody know theyve mastered their ability, no other sport has a skill level up system which keeps players moving at it up to runescape. Runescape is one of these.

    Wow dude I was watching your movie called”My perfect MMO” just like 20 minutes ago, and watched a few other movies such as seeing new players starting out and such wandering if the game is in fact dying like others say. I then saw how seldom you cited Runescape in that movie, but I come across this.Wow, thank you. Runescape is my favorite game to buy RuneScape gold, quite literally. I never played Wow, never played league wheres most gamers have played for years and it would not be possible to get in to with a all the daily things in life behind you, we are not 12 or even 15 anymore and those days of playing daily get shortened from the moment.Runescape is the only sport that I have played for more then 5 years, possibly 10. So you praising makes me feel glad for a game that means so much for each of us.


  • Randynag

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