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  • biza

    How do you like Liverpool?

    My girlfriend flew from Liverpool and told me so interesting about the architectural appearance of port Liverpool that I also wanted to go there. Liverpool is defined by buildings built since the late 18th century. Older buildings, unfortunately, have not survived. This is one of the best places to explore the so-called Victorian England, the era was named after the ruling Queen.

    The most interesting sights are concentrated in the albert Dock area, which is one of the main symbols of the city. There are numerous restaurants, cafes, shops and museums on the territory of the largest ship’s ex-dock in the country. It is also worth visiting the area South of Hanover street and West of the two cathedrals, Anglican and Catholic. Here once made ropes for the many ships of Liverpool.

    District Granby-Toxteth near the docks in Britain oldest black district, traces its history back to the 18th century, the Centre of riots in 1981, currently this area is almost completely rebuilt. Several streets with old Victorian houses will be restored and restored.

    Liverpool Catholic Cathedral — a child of the 20th century, a rarity for England. Built in the style of modernism, it was designed by the son of the Creator of the famous big Ben.

    Merseyside Maritime Museum is also located in albert Dock and occupies almost the entire Northern part of the complex. Wonderful thematic exhibition dedicated to immigrants, builders of ships, the transatlantic slave trade.

    What places would you suggest to see in Liverpool?

    I would like to save on air tickets and buy Cheap flights from London to Liverpool. Who knows where you can do that?


  • Olivia

    Liverpool is a city in the north-west of England, at the mouth of the Mersey River and the UK’s second largest export port. The Merseyside Maritime Museum talks about everything related to shipping and port life, as well as the history of the largest ports in the world and, above all, how much they meant to people living at that time. For this reason alone, you must definitely go there. I want to use the low price calendar to choose the cheapest London – Liverpool flights to save on flights. Better to spend money on something worthwhile.


  • bob13

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  • Svizi

    I agree with you, this is one of the most interesting cities in the world, the English city of Liverpool, which is known in the world primarily due to the famous Beatles music group whose members were born and made music in Liverpool, as well as the fact that in this city there are two famous football clubs – “Liverpool” and “Everton” and go through the Grand National obstacle race. Of course, many people from all over the world come to Liverpool to follow the trail of the famous Beatles. To look at the houses where the musicians of their school lived, the Cavern cellar where their first musical creations were born and of course the unique Beatles Museum where there are many exhibits related to the history of the legendary group. I think that buying cheap  tickets   to Liverpool is not a big deal for those who dream about it. The main thing is to visit this fabulous city and see everything with your own eyes.


  • Zara

    And I want to focus on nutrition. If you are a connoisseur of gastronomic tourism, you have come to the right place. In Liverpool, a variety of restaurants and cafes pubs and bars will open before you. Guests and local people are in great demand with an institution called The Pan American Club. The relaxing atmosphere of the club will ensure a good evening and international cuisine will delight even sophisticated gourmets. For lovers of simple but tasty food, I recommend lunch at The Living Room. This is perhaps the best place to relax with the whole family or a large company. A wide range of European dishes will delight you.


  • Feddi

    You can talk a lot about this city, and as you might have guessed, this is not just a city, it is an amazing place, especially from the point of view of tourism and travel. If you take into account only Chinatown, then you can already say with confidence that a trip here will be uniquely fascinating. And this is not to mention the other attractions of Liverpool.


  • marisol

    I like Liverpool. This is the city of my favorite sports team. I come to Liverpool when the Liverpool football team plays in the stadium.


  • irenna

    Liverpool is a beautiful city. I like being there. My travels have more to do with sports life. I’m a Liverpool fan.  My passion also brings me a small profit. I bet on football matches with the help of a bookmaker . This addition to the family budget allowed our family to go to the sea in the summer to relax.


  • rici

    I like to travel, too. But often I can’t. It’s expensive.


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