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    Get a free VIN check with our service

    The combination of characters contained in it consists of letters and numbers, which contain information about the model, make and year of manufacture of the car. In addition, you can learn some other details from it, for example, the type of motor.

    The purpose of using and applying the VIN is to ensure that it is impossible to issue a car of one model and brand for another.

    Get a free Check VIN with our service /  VIN decoder & Lookup.

    The need for decryption. First of all, decoding the VIN code is necessary when purchasing a used car to make sure that the seller is not cheating by providing false information about the car being sold. Unscrupulous car owners may intentionally conceal information about the condition of the car by providing incorrect data.

    This statement may also apply to new cars purchased in the salons of authorized dealers who are trying to conceal some information about the car. For example, on the territory of our country there is a real possibility of changing the year of manufacture of a car if the information encrypted in the VIN about the release date corresponds to the last months of the year. This allows dealers to enter somewhat inaccurate data in the passport of the car.




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