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    The NAFC Certified Personal Training Certification Program was developed from a passion to ‘build a …


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    The NAFC Certified Personal Training Certification Program was developed from a passion to ‘build a better trainer’ by combining results-driven science with an advanced practical application.  By perfecting these two disciplines, NAFC trainers become empowered to safely and successfully lead clients toward better health and improved quality of life.

    The NAFC mission is to educate the student trainer to become a critical thinking movement specialist, enabling them to be a successful, well rounded and knowledgeable Personal Trainer. To this end, NAFC places emphasis upon a very hands-on and practical approach to training, corrective movement and healing the human body.In addition, NAFC has introduced a new concept, our innovative NAFC Risk/Benefit Equation (R/BE).


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    • Convenience: Study online at times and places that fit your busy schedule.
    • Online Testing: Take your certification exam whenever you’re ready with NAFC’s encrypted, electronically proctored online testing.
    • Unlimited Educational Support: If you have questions about the course materials, contact us!
    • Customer Support: Support both before and after you become certified.
    • Accreditation: NAFC is proud to be accredited by IACET and affiliated with NBFE.


    Prepare yourself for professional one-on-one interactions with clients.

    Learn to:

    • Assess fitness levels and design programs based on client’s needs and goals.
    • Teach in a manner that enhances learning while respecting safety and effectiveness.
    • Learn correct anatomical movement.
    • Understand and apply corrective movement by gaining expertise in body mechanics.


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    NAFC Personal Trainer Course includes:

    Personal Training Practical Application Workbook:

    The Personal Training Practical Application Workbook is a reference manual and a practical guide illustrating the concepts, proper range of motion and body mechanics, that will enable students to become successful trainers and stand out among their peers in the industry.

    Weight Training Program:

    Learn basic anatomy, biomechanics and applying this knowledge in training settings for specific muscle groups. Guide clients in maximizing results while minimizing injury risk.

    Fitness Assessment Program:

    Learn assessment techniques for measuring cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, endurance, flexibility and body composition. Practice applying these test results for individual program development and goal setting.

    Lifestyle Consultant Program:

    Learn to effectively communicate the health benefits of fitness, disease prevention, diet and nutrition, behavior modification, stress management, and total wellness. Develop motivation and behavior modification strategies to enhance compliance with a fitness and wellness program.

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