Myofascial Release Online CPD Course

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    Hone your myofascial release techniques while earning continuing education credits with this practical self-study course. Myofascial Release in Sports Medicine gives you step-by-step instructions for using myofascial release to correct restrictions in connective tissue, normalize tissue mobility, and restore optimal function. By optimizing tissue elasticity, you’ll help athletes enhance performance and reduce the chances of injury.

    The updated version of this course is delivered completely online, including the course text and video clips. The online delivery of this course provides the convenience of learning on your own time at your own location. Your course test is immediately scored so you can print your continuing education certification as soon as you complete the course.

    The course text provides detailed guidelines for using myofascial release in your daily practice. Featured learning activities reinforce key concepts and encourage you to practice techniques and develop your skills by printing out worksheets and questionnaires and filling them out offline.



    This course is REPs accredited and learners gain 3 REPS CPD points.






    The anatomical and biomechanical rationale for using myofascial release

    • Strategies for evaluating mobility in connective tissue

    • Proper mechanics for applying myofascial release techniques

    • Guidelines for developing myofascial release sequences to treat common problem areas


    Video clips demonstrate how to perform superficial release techniques, including superficial translations, J-stroking, and skin rolling; general release techniques, including the cross-hand technique, the arm pull, and the leg pull; and several specific muscle techniques for treating deep restrictions in the upper and lower extremity fascia. The video also demonstrates sample myofascial treatment sequences for treating common restriction sites in scar tissue, the upper extremity, and the lower extremity.



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