MMA Fit UK® INSTRUCTOR Course (14 Students)

OVERVIEW The MMA Fit UK® Instructor Course gives you everything you need to teach an MMA based …



The MMA Fit UK® Instructor Course gives you everything you need to teach an MMA based fitness class and utilise with personal clientele. During the course you will learn how to run safe, highly motivating, challenging MMA Fitness classes based on the fitness training of MMA fighters.

The courses is designed to provide its learners with the skills and knowledge to confidently instruct individuals and groups through workouts that incorporate traditional MMA moves such as punching and kicking, takedowns, sprawls and guard drills. An additional benefit of the training is that the skills obtained enable the addition of MMA components to any standard pad-based workouts.

Each technique has been fully vetted for safety within fitness environments and practiced in live client/group sessions before being included within the programme.

What you will learn is detailed below;

MMA Striking techniques and combinations – Jab, Straight, Hooks, Uppercuts, Elbows

Pad work for MMA – How to hold Focus Pads and Kick Shields, how to substitute different equipment for the use with the same striking techniques

Ground techniques for a great variety in classes – positions including Guard Position, Side Control, Full Mount and Knee Ride (Half Mount) including ways of striking from each position

Fun drills – Using MMA based movement including footwork, sprawls, takedowns, and floor work for fitness classes

An easy to follow explanation of how to structure classes and teach effectively – including managing a group, one on one teaching points, variations of technique and intensity




A Level 2 qualification in Fitness Instruction should ideally be held.

However, if you are an MMA enthusiast, or  someone who just wishes to improve their knowledge and skills in order to boost their own training goals, then you are still welcome to attend the course (REPS points will not be obtainable in this instance).

This course also requires some physical exertion and individual participation is essential; therefore, a degree of physical fitness is necessary.


L3 Education

Full-time delivery over 1 day and includes 4 practical teaching sessions.

Please email, or call 0845 468 9894 for details of course dates and availability.

Course Delivery Location

 The Fitness Hub

6 Ariane,

Lichfeld Road Ind Est,



B79 7XF



All learners are assessed throughout the duration of the course

Learners must demonstrate a good understanding and knowledge of all techniques shown, and be able to carry out a competent practical demonstration at the end of the course.


Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training

Level 3 Diploma in Exercise Referral

Plyometric Training CPD

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