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    Oregano gold is not only a great product that has numerous health benefits but fitness professional can also take up the option of using this magical health and fitness booster to generate a huge additional revenue stream for their Fitness and Personal Training business.



    Organo Gold for fitness professionals


    Organo Gold is the fastest growing home-based business in the world and coming to the UK marketplace, we began in 2008 in Richmond, BC Canada, with only three employees. In just two short years, Organo Gold became one of the fastest growing home-based businesses in the world today, as a result of the hard work of our Independent Distributors and employees; Organo Gold is operating in over 39 countries. With an incredible line of products, an unmatched income opportunity and a dedicated leadership team. Organo Gold is on a mission to help people improve their lives by reaching new levels of wellness, wealth and balance.Organo Gold’s strong foundation is built on the principles of Loyalty, Unity and Edification, and the aim of building one of creating the most admired company in the world we are looking for dynamic, driven, self starters who are focused on achieving profitable business results and have a passion for success.

    Organo Gold combines coffee, the world’s second most consumed beverage, along with the powerful herb Ganoderma which has proven numerous health related benefits, helping people improve their health and wellbeing, Organo Gold blended with the unequalled power of Ganoderma with an unparalleled business opportunity that will allow you to capitalize in the ever expanding health and wellness industry.

    Organo Gold is about the empowerment of individuals through the strength of team work. Organo Gold’s industry leading compensation plan makes everything possible. It’s an innovative and generous plan that will reward you for leadership and commitment. The power of Organo Gold has already created incomes that have been life changing around the world now that we are coming to the UK It can change your life too.

    You can now live a life of health, abundance and freedom with access to products with the power of Ganoderma. Imagine how huge the world-wide market for these products are. And now just think of how that can affect you, as full or part time you can earn what you are worth whilst being in control of your own destiny.

    The Organo Gold Business

    Why this is a video with young woman talking about why they joined organo gold

    Pete Cohen Talking about he got involved in with Organo Gold

    Pete Cohen presentation on the Organo Gold Business

    World Snooker Champion Ronnie O’Sullivan Talks about why he joined Organo Gold

    Health Benefits

    What is Ganoderma and how does it help

    Dr Rakowski’s Coffee Challenge


    Dr Bob Talks in detail about Ganoderma – 20 minutes long

    The password to watch this ganoderma99


    Dr Bob Talks about Ganoderma – 12 minutes long
    The password to watch this ganoderma99


    Organo Gold Testimonials

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    Customer testimonial

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    Overview of the Organo Gold Supplements

    Overview of the Organo Gold Teas

    Overview of the Organo Gold Expresso Coffee

    Overview of the Organo Gold Coffee

    Organo Gold Coffee and Coconut

    Personal Trainer James gives his Organo Gold Testimonial

    Organo Gold Coffee Bar in Life Style Fitness Gym


    Example sales figures based on the Organo Gold Black Coffee

    Retailer cost price – £13.50
    RRP/SRP- £25
    Profit – £11.50

    Therefore, selling only sold 20 boxes per week will generate a revenue of 20 X £25 =£500 and a total weekly profit of £230
    Potential monthly profit = £920
    Potential yearly profit = £11,040

    For more information on how to embed Organo Gold into your Personal Training or other Fitness-related Business, please contact Hannah at the following email address;

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