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This product is aimed at qualified Yoga/Pilates teachers and instructors who are interested in running the highly …


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    This product is aimed at qualified Yoga/Pilates teachers and instructors who are interested in running the highly successful IHF Yoga and Pilates courses in their area. This can be as a newly qualified teacher starting their own business or a more experienced teacher wanting to enhance their current class programme with the inclusion of IHF courses.


    • If you are a newly qualified instructor and find taking your first steps daunting, this package is here to help you set up your first class and/or grow a successful business.

    • If you are a more experienced teacher and are looking for interesting ideas to engage with new clients, the IHF Yoga and Pilates courses provide unique and original programmes that can be used.


    The IHF Instructor’s Start-up package gives qualified teachers the opportunity to replicate a proven and successful business model, delivering IHF courses in their own local community.

    These courses follow a structured and progressive format, engaging clients and empowering them to learn more. The courses work on focus points (i.e. breathing, posture, movement or strength) each lesson, improving client technique and understanding of the underpinning intentions and benefits of that move or pose.

    Between sessions at home, your clients will continue their practice with detailed homework worksheets. Each course you deliver will lead to the next, encouraging your clients to join your regular classes for additional practice, rebook courses and continue learning. You will be amazed how well they progress, and how much they enjoy, this fun and sometimes challenging programme.



    Level 3 Pilates and/or Level 3 Yoga (or other IYN, BWY etc.).

    REPs registered



    • Instructor Profile on Inspired Health and Fitness Website for 1 year (Maximum 150 words, can include link to own website).  Renewed annually costing 50% of the existing start-up fee
    • Use of IHF logo and branding on marketing materials
    • Pro forma leaflet design
    • Pro forma booking form
    • Pro forma register
    • Pro forma PARQ
    • Pro forma Medical Referral Letter
    • Pro forma Pregnancy checklist
    • Pro forma evaluation form
    • 1 hour telephone support for administration, marketing, supplies etc.  (Additional hours can be purchased for £45 per hour


    After purchasing the start-up package, you can then choose to buy the relevant course package that you intend to teach/deliver. 

    Click here to view the contents of each IHF course package and the potential earnings that can be generated from delivering these courses in your area.


    Here is an example of the content laid out within the ‘Introduction to Pilates’ Course:

    ‘Introduction to Pilates’ 4 Week Course:
    Week 1: Breathing. You will be taught breathing exercises during the class prep (warm up). The class will then progress layering in breathing patterns for 7 essential ‘breathing’ moves.

    Week 2: Posture and Mobility. We will look at our posture and learn about neutral spine. You will learn how to stand, sit and lay down to improve your posture and performance of Pilates. I will teach 7 essential ‘Posture improving’ Pilates moves.

    Week 3: Muscles and Strength. You will learn about your core muscles, (known in Pilates as your centre or ‘power house’). The class will then demonstrate how fantastic Pilates is for your core with 7 essential ‘Power House’ moves.

    Week 4: This class is a celebration of all above. You will complete 9 moves of the 34 repertoire which will demonstrate the beauty and flow of Pilates. The first 6 will be in sequence (minus one which is an advanced move) as Joseph Pilates would have taught. In this class we will cover again; breathing, mobility and strength.

    Each week you will receive (by email) a worksheet where you can practice at home the focus points for that lesson.

    Resources are provided when you purchase the course (a start letter, homework worksheets x 3, homework letters x 3, evaluation letter x 1). The cost for the ‘Introduction to Pilates’ course is £64 and is purchased directly from IHF.

    When you sell this course, the suggested retail price is £32 per person. If you have 12 attendees on a course, you will earn £384, which is a £96 per hour.


    Please note, this product on offer is the Instructor Start-Up package and the course contents are only provided at an additional cost. If you choose to purchase this, please contact to order.

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