HELO LX Box Set New Design New Shapes New Horizons

  New Design. New Shapes. New Horizons   Click the link below for a 2 minute video …


    Helo LX Top ViewHelo LX side view


    New Design. New Shapes. New Horizons


    Click the link below for a 2 minute video explaining this amazing new device;




    HELO LX is the brand new Wellness Band of WOR(l)D, designed to fit your style. And your wellness.

    The Wellness Band reinvented. With a completely new design, HELO LX not only brings new materials and new finishings but also introduces the new sensor sampling frequency at 125Hz instead of 35Hz like the previous model. This means more accuracy in measurements. 

    Helo LX Hands

    Take care of your loved ones
    Monitor and check the vital signs of your loved ones remotely* with a tap. 
    WeCare is an amazing function that allows you to remotely check the wellness of your parents, friends, and loved ones. This is true peace of mind. Able to measure blood sugar/blood alcohol levels, so great for diabetics.

    *requires Helo paired with a Smartphone or Tablet, data connection active and GPS signal active.

    Helo LX Pack

    Message in a bottle app
    With a click automatically send an SOS* message to the people added in your HELO app.
    Add up to 3** people to contact via SMS, call, and app-to-app in case you are in trouble. Just double click the button on the side.

    *requires HELO paired with a smartphone or tablet with data connection active and available
**requires HELO Pro Plan or Loyalty Program active


    Option 1: HELO LX Box Set

    The entry level pack suitable for a single HELO LX user. Includes:

    1 HELO LX
    1 Germanium Kit (3 stones)


    Member Benefits:

    Access to the Wor(l)d Pay Plan*
    100 sales volume (SV)
    $32 fast start (to the enroller)
    10% team volume commission (TVC)
    $200,000/weekly TVC maximum*
    1 business centre

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