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    Facilitated Stretching, Fourth Edition CPD Course offers a hands-on approach to helping clients and athletes enhance performance through PNF stretching techniques. Manual and massage therapists, athletic trainers, personal trainers, coaches, and other health care professionals will learn techniques for assessing current muscle function, improving range of motion, and increasing strength with a dynamic combination of photos, online video, and self-assessment tools.

    This continuing education course is supplemented by the text Facilitated Stretching, Fourth Edition With Online Video. The text includes a full-color interior with more than 450 photos and illustrations to provide professionals with a visual demonstration of the material. Stretches are demonstrated on a treatment table, mat on the floor, chair, cable-pulley machine, and weightlifting bench and grouped according to each joint. An appendix showcases anatomical planes of motion, anatomical terms, and types of joints to help professionals understand the body and how the material can be used in helping athletes. The recorded webinar offers further application of the foundational aspects of facilitated stretching from book author and expert Robert McAtee, LMT, CSCS, C-PT.

    The study guide for the course leads students in answering a series of questions on more than 90 stretches. Self-quiz questions and answers are a preparation tool for the continuing education exam taken at the conclusion of the course.



    None – however this type of learning activity contributes towards CPD and is beneficial as an addition to a CV






    Chapter 1. Understanding the Basics of Stretching

    Soft Tissues Affected by Stretching Muscle Interactions Muscle Contractions Reflexes Relevant to Facilitated Stretching Types of Stretching Guidelines for Stretching Chapter Summary


    Chapter 2. Focusing on Facilitated Stretching

    PNF History PNF Basis: Spiral–Diagonal Movement PNF Stretching Techniques Facilitated Stretching Guidelines Detailed Sequence for Facilitated Stretching Safety Considerations for Facilitated Stretching Chapter Summary


    Chapter 3. Using the Spiral–Diagonal Patterns of PNF

    When and Why to Use Spiral-Pattern Stretches Learning the Patterns Through Free Motion Facilitated Stretching Using the Patterns Lower Extremity Stretches Using the Patterns Upper Extremity Stretches Using the Patterns Strengthening Exercises Using the Patterns Chapter Summary Part II. The Stretches


    Chapter 4. Stretches for the Torso and Neck

    Oblique Abdominals Lower Back Upper Trapezius Sternocleidomastoid Scalenes Suboccipitals Levator Scapulae


    Chapter 5. Stretches for the Lower Extremity

    Hip Extensors Hip Flexors Hip Lateral (External) Rotators Hip Medial (Internal) Rotators Hip Abductors Hip Adductors Knee Extensors Ankle Plantar Flexors Ankle Dorsiflexors Toe Flexors Toe Extensors Ankle Evertors: Peroneal (Fibularis) Group Ankle Invertors


    Chapter 6. Stretches for the Upper Extremity

    Rotator Cuff Scapular Stabilizers Additional Muscles That Move the Arm Elbow Wrist and Hand Supinators and Pronators


    Chapter 7. Stretching Routines for Specific Activities

    Everyday Sequence Cycling Golf Ice Hockey Running Swimming Throwing and Racket Sports Rusty Hinges



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