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    Designing Resistance Training Programs CPD Course provides insight into the principles of resistance training and exercise prescription and examines the various types of strength training. It covers resistance training from a physiological perspective and includes an overview of how resistance training programs interact with the other conditioning components such as aerobic, interval, and flexibility training. Advanced training techniques, manipulation of training variables in a long-term resistance training program, and ways to plan rest into long-term training without compromising fitness or performance are explored.

    Based on a book by two of the world’s leading experts on strength training, Designing Resistance Training Programs CPD Course presents information on the process of designing scientifically based resistance training programs, modifying and adapting programs to meet the needs of special populations, and understanding how designing programs works in the real world. The study guide contains a course syllabus and end-of-chapter learning activities to prepare students for the continuing education exam at the conclusion of the course.



    None – however this type of learning activity contributes towards CPD and is beneficial as an addition to a CV






    Chapter 1. Basic Principles of Resistance Training and Exercise Prescription
    Basic Definitions
    Maximal Voluntary Muscle Actions Intensity
    Training Volume
    Rest Periods
    Velocity Specificity
    Muscle Action Specificity
    Muscle Group Specificity
    Energy Source Specificity
    Progressive Overload
    Safety Aspects
    SummaryChapter 2. Types of Strength Training
    Isometric Training
    Dynamic Constant External Resistance Training
    Variable Resistance Training
    Isokinetic Training
    Eccentric Training
    Considerations for All Types of Training
    Comparison of Training Types
    SummaryChapter 3. Physiological Adaptations to Resistance Training
    Physiological Adaptations
    Skeletal Muscle Fibers
    Nervous System Adaptations
    Body Composition Changes
    Hormonal Systems in Resistance Exercise and Training
    Connective Tissue
    Cardiovascular Adaptations
    SummaryChapter 4. Integrating Other Fitness Components
    Compatibility of Exercise Programs
    Basics of Cardiorespiratory Training
    Stretching and Flexibility
    SummaryChapter 5. Developing the Individualized Resistance Training Workout
    Program Choices
    Needs Analysis
    Program Design
    Acute Program Variables
    Training Potential
    Setting Program Goals
    SummaryChapter 6. Resistance Training Systems and Techniques
    Single-Set Systems
    Express Circuits
    Multiple-Set Systems
    Exercise Order Systems
    Training Techniques Applicable to Other Systems
    Specialized Systems and Techniques

    Chapter 7. Advanced Training Strategies
    Periodization of Resistance Training
    Comparative Studies
    Power Development
    Two Training Sessions in One Day

    Chapter 8. Detraining
    Types of Detraining
    Physiological Mechanisms of Strength Loss
    Effects of Muscle Action Type
    Detraining Effects on Bone
    Detraining the Bulked-Up Athlete

    Chapter 9. Women and Resistance Training
    Physiological and Performance Differences Between Sexes
    Training in Women
    Women’s Hormonal Responses to Resistance Training
    Menstrual Cycle
    Bone Density
    Knee Injuries
    General Needs Analysis

    Chapter 10. Children and Resistance Training
    Training Adaptations
    Injury Concerns
    Program Considerations
    Program Progression
    Sample Sessions
    Equipment Modifications and Organizational Difficulties
    Program Philosophy

    Chapter 11. Resistance Training for Seniors
    Hormonal Changes With Age and Resistance Training
    Body Composition Changes in Seniors
    Changes in Physical Performance With Age
    Resistance Training Adaptations in Seniors
    Developing a Resistance Training Program for Seniors



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