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We are on a mission to train ONE MILLION children around the world! Will you join our …

    We are on a mission to train ONE MILLION children around the world! Will you join our cause?
    Our Child Abduction Prevention (CAP) course doesn’t just teach kids about “stranger awareness,” it teaches them the differences between good adults and bad adults, how to spot them, how to stop them, and the confidence needed to stand up for themselves.
    It teaches them verbal skills and simple self-defence techniques that are effective against an adult. In just a few hours, you will see their confidence soar as they are put through realistic scenarios and come out victorious.
    Our program is always exciting and fun for the kids and parents! We teach them new and important concepts in an engaging and age-appropriate manner!
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    CAP workshop is 2-3hours
    £400 per workshop
    Daily rate (up to 8 hours) £800

    COBRA Defence London Ltd

    Train Hard Stay Safe!
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    2nd Royal Eltham Scout Group

    The 2nd Royal Eltham Scout Group were lucky enough to be offered sessions for Stranger Awareness with Cobra London Self Defence by the Regional Director Lee Follen. Prior to agreeing to the sessions it was explained in great detail what the evening would entail and the benefit of such sessions. Lee was extremely accommodating and proposed two sessions for the Group.
    Lee and Laura were our instructors for the evening and were both great. An overview was provided at the beginning of the session so the young people knew what to expect throughout the evening. Both were friendly in nature but also were able to command the attention of the children without being over powering.
    The course was very comprehensive and we all found the young people were very engaged throughout the entire period. There were a number of elements that made not only the children stop and think about the actions you would take if you were put in a similar situation in real life but also the adults and leaders in attendance.
    The young people who attended the session really enjoyed the evening and we have regular checks to ensure they not only remember what they have been taught but more importantly why. Many children do not experience any independence until they transfer to secondary school which is why this type of training is so important for all ages and can be imbedded within the subconscious.
    I have no hesitation in recommending the above course to others and I have passed the course details onto other leaders within the Royal Greenwich District to enable contact be made and courses booked.
    2nd Royal Eltham Scout Group Beaver & Cub Scout Leader: Jo Graham
    Charity No. 303661



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