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    Careers in Fitness Business Coaching   Struggling to attract your ideal clients? Struggling to pay …


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    Careers in Fitness Business Coaching


    • Struggling to attract your ideal clients?
    • Struggling to pay for everyday bills and fear you may lose clients if you put your prices up?
    • Are you being paid your worth?
    • Are you stuck and looking for new ideas?
    • Scared of losing passion for something you enjoying doing?


    The problem is that most health professionals don’t know how to sell, what marketing strategies work, how branding is used to differentiate you from the competition, and how to grow and scale a business.


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    • Want your business to thrive and survive?
    • Want your life to change for the better?
    • Want to learn the secrets to earn more and work less?


    I understand the challenges you are facing right now and I know exactly what you are going through. I struggled financially, my life was miserable, I worked unsociable hours, I never saw my children, and I couldn’t be the ideal father that I wanted to be. That’s when my life changed!


    I made a choice, I can either continue with my miserable life or I can get help.


    I decided to get a coach. My coach had multiple businesses and had success in selling those businesses for 8-9 figure sums. I hunted and searched for the coach who I aspired to be, and that’s when I really started getting success.  You can do the same too.


    What is Coaching?

    Coaching is not a course where you go to get educated and write down notes, for you to then place those notes on a shelf to gather dust and do nothing about it. The coaching we deliver guarantees results (or your money back)!

    We hold all our clients accountable for their actions and ultimately this leads towards the development of a six figure earning business and beyond. Coaching is tailor made according to your needs, wants and aspirations.



    In order to be considered to become part of our coaching family, you will be required to send in a 15-20 min survey, allowing us to understand your expectations, your goals, and your challenges. Once we receive and review your application, we will then send you some availability of appointments based on your convenience for your first coaching call.


    The initial session lasts 30 mins and includes one email follow up. Throughout the call you will be given lots of new ideas to implement, leaving you with a strategy of execution. You will also be taught how to create a one-page business plan that gives you focus and exit strategy.


    The first coaching call is delivered through Zoom (a link will be sent to you prior to booking)

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