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Fitness Testing for FitPros Archon Combine is fitness testing software designed specifically for FitPros, allowing you to measure, [...]

    Fitness Testing for FitPros

    Archon Combine is fitness testing software designed specifically for FitPros, allowing you to measure, evaluate and improve your client’s performance. This is achieved by getting your clients to simply perform any of the many standardised assessments created by Archon (including fitness, power, strength and agility) and you then simply log their results into the platform which instantly logs and assesses their performance based on their age, height, weight, gender and even wingspan – this then show you as the fitness professional exactly where your client’s strengths/weaknesses are and can adapt their training accordingly. As time progresses you can then easily see and prove to your client how much they have improved.


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    Test your clients using any of the assessments provided an input their score


    The system automatically calculates the client performance


    Using this data you can see where to improve client performance



    We have standardised movement through reliability, validity and repeatability. Each of the assessments has a defined set of criteria which must be met in order to achieve a score. This ensures that all of your clients will be performing the assessments correctly and safely.



    We have created 6 Archon tiers which work from 6 being a ‘novice’ (or in some cases, due to injury, lack of mobility or motor skills etc) and 1 being athlete. This would show someone to be at the very top of his or her game and can work as a talent identifier for trainers and coaches.



    By taking into account age, gender, bodyweight, height and even wingspan, Archon Combine is able to calculate how well each individual individual person has performed that assessment based on their own personal metrics, not simply by ranking people based on how much they lifted (as an example).



    Your Archon Combine subscription allows you to run live events and create the ultimate competitive environment. Choosing from the wide variety of assessments you can create your own combine and invite client’s down to your own fitness events for increased revenue. Whatever assessments you choose, you can rest assured that Archon will measure the results no matter what age, gender or weight your clients may be, putting them all on a level playing field so they can compete together in the same arena.



    There are 23 original assessments on Archon and more will be added every month so you will be able to keep your clients challenged and engaged for longer, creating sustainable revenue streams. Keeping clients engaged is a tough job for any FitPro, but by mapping out their entire training for the year by being able to log and assess their performance metrics will allow you to integrating different assessments and training to specifically target those weaknesses or strengths, with the ability to ‘map’ and prove to clients just how well they are doing through proven statistics.



    Running your own online combines is one of the easiest ways to generate revenue, engagement and interaction with your clients. These can be run from anywhere in the world and equally with clients anywhere in the world and allows you to create any combination of assessments you like. Just put your chosen assessments into an online combine, give it a name, input a logo and you’re ready to go! You can invite your clients via e-mail or use the individually generated pin number to advertise your challenge on FB, Instagram or Twitter so you can attract potential new clients. You could even charge a small amount to enter with a prize for the winner so you will be able to not only create revenue but also brand exposure.



    It’s always a struggle trying to generate good content on social media, so if you’re a PT and want to generate a bigger following then why not give your followers something truly engaging? With Archon you can easily create a community of online followers all heading in the same direction under your guidance, showcasing how concerned you are as a trainer about industry quality and standardisation with relevant and reliable content. Do this by allowing them to see how you and your clients perform in a squat, bench, row, run or cycle, and then get everyone to compare their performance against yours!



    Whether you want to create a combine for fun or run a fully-fledged testing day for all of your clients, Archon allows you to run an open day for assessing everyone – no matter what level of ability they are at. Invite clients or members to come along and get assessed on their squat, bench, run, row etc. These work as great showcasing events for you to collect data, potential leads and get everyone having fun. As mentioned earlier, these can also be run on-line as well, advertising a certain day to your followers where they can all perform the same assessment, video it and upload it to any of your social media channels.


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