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Archon Combine – For The Fitness Professional     Firstly, what is Archon Combine? It’s fitness testing …


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    Archon Combine – For The Fitness Professional


    Firstly, what is Archon Combine?

    It’s fitness testing made easy! Our free online platform allows users to measure their strength, power, agility, aerobic and anaerobic fitness all in one place.


    How can the platform help Fitness Professionals?

    Getting feedback on your programming can be difficult. Your clients play a part in achieving their body fat/weight goals, but YOU are solely responsible for setting and meeting their physical performance benchmarks. The Archon Combine platform gives you and your client’s confidence in the way you programme.


    How does it work?

    1. You and your client’s need to register for a free account.
    2. You choose the tests for your clients to complete.
    3. They complete the tests with or without you present and input their performance results. The test analysis data will show you what tier they have placed in (Tier 1 – Elite Athlete Level to Tier 6 – Novice), their strength:weight ratio, if their attempt was a PB, how much they need to improve by to reach the next tier, a progress log and graph of previous attempts. 

      Archon Pic2 Example Analysis page for the Deadlift assessment    


    4. You then programme off the back of the test analysis data, their performance improves, proving that the training and programming that you are prescribing for your clients is working and creating results. With 23 different fitness assessments to choose from, performance criteria designed specifically by national governing bodies and industry experts, Archon Combine is THE platform to use to truly assess your client’s athletic capability.


      “You are what your record says you are”

    Bill Parcells

    As a Personal Trainer/Coach, your record is built off of the results of your clients. At Archon Combine though we don’t care about transformation pictures and how lean you’ve got someone in the last 12 weeks. What we want you to prove is that you can actually programme someone to get better. Better Strength, Better Speed, Better Agility, Better Aerobic and Anaerobic Conditioning and even Power.


    Improve your record as a PT/Coach by sharing your client’s results from the platform and sign up for FREE by clicking here.  

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