Anti Knife Training

Anti Knife Training Contact: Three new areas to tackle knife and gang activity. At COBRA London …

    Anti Knife Training
    Three new areas to tackle knife and gang activity.
    At COBRA London we aim to provide realistic training for current threats. As we all know, knife crime in London and many other areas across the UK, is out of control.
    COBRA London’s Regional Director – Lee Follen, has designed a fantastic Early Prevention workshop to deter young people away from knife crime. Whether that’s carrying with intent, carrying for protection, or simply associating with gang members.
    Mind Over Matter Workshop!
    Mind Over Matter consists of an Interactive Early Prevention 1 hour workshop. This is a fun, engaging experience and is designed to develop/enhance the participants ability to make the right decisions in their lives.
    It’s very important that young people can identify the correct paths in life and make those important decisions for themselves.
     Careers in Fitness Ltd has joined forces with the  Cobra project it is a 4 week mentoring experience which will develop/enhance a positive mindset in young people. It also allows participants to embark on a fun engaging adventure. Using their own thoughts, opinions and feelings through the power of song and music, they can create a positive influence for others.
    On completion of the Project, not only will the young people have created their own powerful message through music but they can create a positive ripple effect across the nation.
    Who better to send this message out than young people themselves!?
    Your school will also receive the completed song in mp3 format.


    Knife Attack Response Plan (K.A.R.P)
    COBRA have also developed the Knife Attack Response Plan.
    This is hands on physical and mental training that will teach you how to Escape, Evade and Barricade.
    This is designed to give innocents a plan if ever faced with, or find themselves near, a knife attack.
    Self Defence Techniques 
    Physical self defence training against an armed attacker.

    COBRA are very passionate about keeping people safe all over the world and offer an extensive variety of training.
    Help COBRA London fight knife crime and create a better, brighter future for the young people of today.
    If you would like further information about Careers in Fitness Ltd  or K.A.R.P to help keep your staff and students safe, please do not hesitate to contact us
    Mind Over Matter - £300
    Additional workshops – £200
    (If held on the same day and location)
    Approximately 30 participants
    Suitable for ages Year 5 – Adults
    Approximately 30 participants
    Suitable for ages Year 5 – Adults
    K.A.R.P - £500 2 hours
    £1000 per day (6-8 hours)
    K.A.R.P has five areas of training; Escape, Evade, Barricade, Self Defence Techniques and Scenario Day.
    Escape and Evade – 2 hours
    Barricade – 2 hours
    Self Defence – 2 hours
    Scenario Day – 2 hours
    These can be run individually or as 5 or 10 week Academies.
    Included in Academy
    5/10 weeks training
    - Manual
    - Assessments and Test
    - Certificate and T-shirt
    Approximately 30 participants per group (space dependent)
    Suitable for ages Year 6 – Adults
    COBRA Defence London Ltd 

    Train Hard Stay Safe!

    Dear Cobra
    Thank you for delivering the Knife Attack Response Plan to our sessional members of staff. We felt it was very engaging and very informative. As a result of this workshop, the Foundation are now changing the way we look at our risk assessments and ensuring some of the learning from the training becomes a part of our delivery model. We would recommend this training to all people/organisations that work with young people in any capacity.
    We look forward to booking this training again in the future.
    George Henry
    Targeted Intervention Manager Palace For Life Foundation

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